What Email Marketing Metrics Are You Tracking

Every marketer understands the importance of email marketing in any business, however not everyone is clear on how to analyse the results of previous newsletters or how to improve going forward. In this blog, we will discuss which metrics you should be focusing on (depending on your business objectives) and how this information can help you test and improve your next email marketing campaign. Before continuing, consider, if you haven’t already, what you want to achieve with your next newsletter . Then you will be able to see how you should be tracking the metrics below in order to find out how successful you have been. Click through Rate If the main objective for your newsletter is to drive traffic to your site, then obviously you will want to measure click throughs from the email and see which links the readers clicked, as well as the ones they didn’t. The click through rate (CTR), which is calculated as a percentage based on how many people saw your link and who then decided to click on it, will also provide insights into any A/B testing you have included in your campaign by allowing you to clearly see which call to action your readers engaged with more. Conversion Rate If you have a clear goal for your newsletter such as sign-ups for a webinar or a download of your latest case study, then tracking your conversion rate will allow you to see how effective your campaign has been at achieving these goals. This is calculated as the percentage of people who performed the desired action after clicking through to your content,... read more

Filtering Spam From Google Analytics

Spam in Google Analytics (GA) is becoming a serious issue. It can be a huge annoyance, but dealing with it doesn’t have to be! I now just use the advanced segment to view my data without the spam sources. Since discovering there is no character limit to segments (unlike filters) I now just use a segment and it does the job fine for every account I have come across. It’s up to you how granular you wish to be, but I often think the process of removing spam is made more complicated than it has to be. Step 1: To remove spam just click the button below and a new segment will be added to your google analytics Add Segment Now Step 2: Add A Custom Segment If you would rather filter data in a none destructive way, or if you still have sources showing in your tables after using filters… you can use a custom segment. Step 2: Now we want to activate our segment. Click add segment at the top of the page, then all segments, and click on A++ Spam Filter Version 2.2.... read more

Top Tips For Profitable Google AdWords Campaigns

The power of advertising on Google search is that you can display your adverts to highly targeted audiences at the precise moment they are seeking your product or service. The Google AdWords platform is an amazing technological achievement, but it’s easy for a new advertiser to get lost in the detail and quickly waste money. Here are some top tips that I would offer to any advertiser who is considering using Google AdWords, or who has already got started. Foundations Take the time to plan and think through how your campaign will be structured. If your website navigational structure makes sense to your customers then it is probably sensible to structure your AdWords campaigns around it. A Google AdWords Account has a hierarchy of Campaigns and Ad Groups that sit within Campaigns. An Ad Group is a collection of similar keywords, plus one to three adverts that are related to the keywords. An Ad Group may contain up to 10 or 15 keyword variations. Any more than that and you should probably group the keywords tighter by splitting some out into new Ad Groups. In a highly targeted set-up, a single keyword will often be used in an Ad Group with a highly relevant advert. Ad Groups are stored in Campaigns and you can put all of your Ad Groups in one single Campaign. The reason why you might create more than one Campaign is if you wish to control how the budget is shared amongst the Ad Groups. For example you might have one set of Ad Groups that you are targeting 100% of the available Impressions, so... read more

Create More Leads For Relatively No Cost

There are several ways to generate leads at little or no cost. Some methods that I presently are are below.. 1. Drip campaigns – I recommend using a marketing automation software to best manage this and target as follows Educational Re-engagement (win back cold leads) Competitive Promotional Training 2. Subject matter experts – appoint someone who is an authority in a particular area or topic, these individuals will give your content authenticity and credibility Provides identity/human connection Draft articles – post to Company blog/guest blog/forums Promote SME in multiple formats (videos, webinars) Promote SME at speaking engagements/events 3. Build your lead list through outbound marketing Webinars Newsletters Partnership trade-offs through SME build List rental or purchase Polls – ask for audience’s input on various topics Questionnaires – ask for feedback/referrals Launchbit – allows you to advertise your campaigns in email newsletters/blogs that match our target audience 4. Digital strategy & online reputation Twitter, Slideshare, Youtube, Linkedin, FB, Flickr – anything posted should lead viewers back to your website landing page 5. Landing pages customized per target audience 6. Increase your inbound marketing SEO Social media Blogs Email Marketing Lead Nurturing Social CRM Landing pages Compile industry research/other content – give away it away…on your website 7. Cultivate existing customers for new business & referrals Send custom newsletter/case studies that highlight new ways existing customers can use your product/service 8. Partner with industry associations Produce whitepapers/webinars and allow the association to sponsor in exchange for allowing you to promote the material to their customer database 9. Develop a referral program Ask your current customers for the names of industry associates in... read more

Keyboard Shortcuts For Twitter

Twitter has loads of shortcuts to help you navigate Twitter like a pro. What is your favorite shortcut for Twitter? Let me know in the comments below. Actions B = Block User F = Favorite J = Next Tweet K = Previous Tweet L = Close Open Tweets M = New Direct Message N = New Tweet R = Reply T = Retweet U = Unblock User Enter = Open Tweet Details | = Close all open Tweets / = Search Ctrl + Enter = Send Tweet Navigation ? = Load Shortcut Menu J = Next Tweet K = Previous Tweet Space = Page Down . = Load new Tweets Timelines G+A = Activity Page GC = Connect Page GD = Discover Page GF = Favorites GH = Home GL = Lists GM = Messages GP = Profile GR = Mentions GS = Settings GU = Go to a... read more

20 Reasons Why You Should Blog

1. Blogging is by far the best way to build a large targeted professional network 2. Blogging has a targeted reach from one person to a million people, depending on the quality of it. 3. If done correct can deliver regular business leads, you just need to write high quality blogs and know how to market your blog. 4. You can build a community around your blog. 5. Blogging inspires people to email you, to say how your work helped them. This is far more rewarding than most people imagine. 6. Blogging makes you far more of an informed reader, as you understand the work and creativity that people put into their written work. 7. It also encourages you to keep learning, so you have something useful to share. 8. Blogging allows you to build a business asset, which grows in value with every passing week/month. 9. Your blog increases your professional profile, as new people discover you and your work every day. 10. Blogging is a fantastic way to connect with your marketplace. By making it easy for readers to contact you, you open a valuable channel of communication. 11. Blogging teaches you to look at things from a different perspective 12. Blogging encourages you to regularly do research, increasing your own knowledge base. 13. Blogging provides a showcase for your knowledge/product. This is enormously valuable. 14. Blogging can get you recognised in the media, for winning blog awards. 15. Blogging gives you a voice. If you have something important to say, people will hear you. This is especially the case if you stick with blogging, for long enough to build a large readership.... read more
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