10 Digital Marketing Tips

10 Digital Marketing Tips

Next year is going to be about building on the foundations of 2014 and while some of the below tips are obvious they shouldn’t be overlooked.

Design With SEO In Mind – Designing a website that works best for user navigation and also for search engine bots also. Just remember user experience is key bu without SEO your website will lack traffic.

Target Your Long Tail SERPS – Your website should be focused on 1 or 2 keywords, Its almost impossible to achieve a high SERP’s if you spread yourself to thinly across the web, instead pick you battle with your most profitable keywords.

Back Link Strategy – Back Links runs hand in hand with SEO. Poor quality back links will damage your website reputation in the eyes of Google’s recent update to Penguin 3.0

Write a meaningful, engaging blog – Creating content that engages readers and starts discussions gives your  website great value in the eyes of Google and other search Engines.

Publish to Social – If your going to put effort into creating content, sharing it on social platform will give post the best opportunities of creating impressions.

Create Bespoke Landing Pages – Creating attractive landing pages with CTA’s, colours, Buttons and layouts is extremely important in getting visitors to interact. Also keep it simple and don’t ask for too much information full name and email address should be enough to get the ball rolling.

Create campaigns using RACE – Using the RACE model will help campaigns to be successful.

Digital Marketing

R – Reach: Whats the best route to target customers?

A – Act: How will you impulse customers to take action?

C – Convert: How do you intend on turning potential customers into paying customers?

E – Engage: How will you ensure current customers stay engaged and also getting lost customer to reengage with you?

Use Analytics – Understanding visitors behaviour on emails, website, social, etc. Will identify what is working and more importantly what isn’t working and what need to be changed. Your main target is to increase customer retention and conversion rates.

Test, Test & Test Again – After making any changes is it vital to monitor of successful they are. This as outlined previously isn’t just reserved for websites to is vital to A/B test email marketing. Multi-Variant testing is fundamental in all forms of marketing.

Keep eye on ROI – There are numerous ways ways to track digital campaigns. You need to measure a clear ROI that will lead to gaining a stronger ROI on future campaigns.


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