25 Tips To Increase Inbound Leads

25 Tips To Increase Inbound Leads

Inbound Lead generation consists of 2 components:

1.  Get plenty of traffic to lead capture form

2.  Get as many people to sign up to newsletter,eBooks, etc.


1.  Start With Your Blog

Blogging will help with the following

· Drive Traffic to your website

· Increase your SEO/SERP

· Position  our brand as industry leader

· Develop better customer relationships


2.  Make Subscribe Form Visible On All WebPages

· Don’t be shy about making your subscription form visible

· The 2 pages visited the most on websites are the home page and the about page it’s vital the subscription form is on these pages.

· Change sign up forms appearance on some pages just so it grabs visitors attention


3.  Make it worthwhile for people to subscribe

· Offer a free eBook or even an eCourse

· eCourse’s are the best because people will open future emails

· Also put effort into compiling the eBook or eCourse


4.  Use Landing Pages

· Make that page that has no links to other pages

· Visitors with have to enter their email and convert or bounce


5.  Use Social Media To Spread Your Brand.

· Facebook and Twitter are the more popular for getting more web traffic.

· If you’re in a B2B industry Linkedin and Twitter is going to be the most successful for you.


6.  Use Your Existing Network

· Get existing contacts to help build your email list

· Ask contacts to share a link to your landing page on their social media platforms

· Thank them for sharing content which and lead to future shares.


7.  Article Marketing

· Is probably the best way to spread content across the web while also getting plenty of links back to your website.

· Back links play a vital part in your SEO ranking


8.  Pay Per Click

· Yes pay for click has a cost but only you know your ROI is becomes a great way to generate leads


9.  Offline Marketing (Business Cards)

· Be creative in your design to grab people’s attention

· Use curiosity as a call to action

· Get there card if available and add details to your crm.


10.  Guest Blogging

· Tap into larger audiences then your own

· When you publish a post on a website in your signature have the url linking to a landing page so you capture the maximum amount of subscribers.


11.  Make A Sign up tab On Your Facebook fage

· You can use the iframe app that will allow you enter in some HTML code

· Using Mailchimp you can generate a tab from you Mailchimp account so no need for any coding.


12.  Leave Informative Comments

· Leave a comment that will benefit the publisher and the readers of the blog

· Have your name on the blog as ‘Craig from Gate Marketing’ not just ‘Craig Butler’


13.  Encourage Subscribers To Market Your Website

· When someone subscribes encourage them to tell their friends

· Add social media sharing buttons on newsletters and ask them to share them


14.  Have Multiple Lists

· Have a list that was created from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & website.

· This allows you to focus the message for the different platform that the lead was acquired from.


15.  Keep Required fields To a Minimum On Signup Forms.

· Fewer field means more sign ups.

· I usually get just the name and email but if I just asked for the email address I know more people would sign up.


16.  Don’t Ignore Google+

· It’s a popular network but it doesn’t take long to share a post or interact with an active group.

· Set up a form with Google+ as a hidden field and measure exactly how successful Google+ has been.


17.  Use the 80/20 rule For social media Content Sharing

· Never over pitch you product on social media.

· Use a 20% pitch rule and 80% content, and the more content you share the better it will be for your followers.


18.  Exclusive Content To Subscribers

· Make them feel valued

· Give them access to password protected posts and .PDF’s


19.  Exit Pop-Up’s

· Be careful how you use this as these can really annoy people

· Although if you have paid for the traffic coming to your site an exit pop-up can be valuable as it’s your last chance to save the customer before them leave your website.


20.  Keep Subscribers Happy

· Don’t keep pitching products to people as this will lead to a high unsubscribe rate.

· On the flip side is the newsletter is packed with useful information subscribers will share it and your list will grow organically.


21.  Host a Webinar

· This is a high value event, and people watching the webinar are already a qualified lead.

· The more you can interact with the viewers with live chat and pre-requested questions the more likely attends are to spread the word of your brand.


22.  Contests.

· Having a contest where to enter you have to enter you email address is very fast way to grow your list.

· Bad thing is everybody wants stuff for free even if they don’t have a need for it.

· Make it worthwhile and people with share it also.


23.  Testimonials

· This will re-assure people who are hesitant to giving over there email address.

· The more influential the person who gives the testimonial the better.


24.  Email Signature

· Include a link to your lead page and not your website depending on who you are emailing.

· This is easily done be setting up multiple signature in your email account.


25.  Watermark Images

· Put your logo on any image you share this will increase traffic and thus subscribers.


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