7 Strategies To Optimise Your Mailing List

7 Strategies To Optimise Your Mailing List

Emailing is still best when it comes to generating customer interaction and sales.

An email campaign will only be as good as the follow-through process.

Don’t miss potential sales because you failed to optimise your mailing.


Use a Newsletter

Email marketing providers such as MailChimp or Aweber offer an rss-to-email service. They also allow you to make mobile optimised emails, a hugely important factor when 40% of users access emails from mobile devices.

You can also manage email lists, integrate forms sign-ups on websites and track analytics.


Test Subject Lines

33% of email recipients open email based on subject line alone. (Convinceandconvert.com). Your subjects should give the reader a reason to click. Many email marketing providers allow you to send two version of the same email with different subject lines enabling you to test which one works best.


Make it Personal

Most receivers know emails are sent out in thousands, but they still want to be made feel like a VIP.

When building an email list try and gather as much information as possible such as names, address, ages, interests. Make sure these fields are left optional, as many people will navigate away if it requires too much work.

Use customisable fields to personalise each message. For example never send an email that starts with Dear Customer, with customisable fields it should read Dear ”First Name”. It’s the little details that go a long way to encouraging a follow through.


Segment Email Lists

Segment lists into smaller niche customer groups. Email marketing providers make it easy to set up these type of lists, also creating lists based on location, past purchase, etc.  The reason for this is to provide an email that will resonate with them better then a generic email to everyone.

For example: if you own a clothes line that sells directly to customers and retailers, you could segment your list by gender, customer type, location and age.


Optimize Call to Action

Receivers want to spend as little time as possible reading your email, so they are likely to open your email, give it a quick scan, and decide in a few seconds whether to delete it or click through. This is why your message needs to be short and sweet. Cut down on long form text and focus on short call to action.

This can easily be done by offering quick tips and coupons, but overall your call to action should be obvious and visually appealing.


Visually Appealing Campaigns

You have a few seconds to generate a response from your subscriber, the more visual appealing campaign is more likely the reader will scroll to the bottom or click on the call to action. Try and avoid stock images and choose images that tell more about your brand or offer.


Include Social Media

If the goal from the email is to initiate a click through rate then social media is a must. Emails that include social media can generate more than 150% rate. Many email marketing service providers make this step easy with a social media widget.


More businesses make the simple mistake of concentrating too hard on social media and neglect building a database of email addresses.


Focus on optimising your emails immediately. You won’t be disappointed.


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