Consider These For Your Facebook Strategy

Consider These For Your Facebook Strategy

When planning a strategy for social media, its very important to keep in mind the recent changes regarding Facebook. Read on to discover more about the changes and the best way to deal with them.

Calls to Action
Facebook recently rolled out the call to action feature in the U.S and will roll it out globally in the coming weeks.
These CTA with include Shop Now, Sign Up and Watch Video.


Smart Publishing
Many people struggle with what content to share. Smart Publishing will identify articles for you, displaying them in your news feed without publishing them on your page, although you will have the ability to view insights and moderate comments on them.

Facebook is considering making Smart Publishing widely available during 2015

Promotional Post Limits

As of this month Facebook reduced users exposure to promotional posts.
Facebook advised that brands that fail to comply will see a large decline in their organic reach, the only solution to brands will be to use promotional posts just for major promotions.
This move will encourage brands that always promoted there posts to engage and connect with followers more often.

Groups App
The Facebook App allows users to view all their groups in one place and easily move between them. Many brands have already started to create a facebook group for their best customers and inviting influences to the group also.

Search Posts
Facebook will now allow you to find any post you’ve see before.
On the helpful Facebook Search Site, Facebook details how users can search such as ‘Caroline Wedding’ or ‘Lisa Cookie Recipe’.
Including relevant keywords in your posts can help followers find hem later.


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