Keyboard Shortcuts For Twitter

Keyboard Shortcuts For Twitter

Twitter has loads of shortcuts to help you navigate Twitter like a pro.

What is your favorite shortcut for Twitter? Let me know in the comments below.


B = Block User

F = Favorite

J = Next Tweet

K = Previous Tweet

L = Close Open Tweets

M = New Direct Message

N = New Tweet

R = Reply

T = Retweet

U = Unblock User

Enter = Open Tweet Details

| = Close all open Tweets

/ = Search

Ctrl + Enter = Send Tweet


? = Load Shortcut Menu

J = Next Tweet

K = Previous Tweet

Space = Page Down

. = Load new Tweets


G+A = Activity Page

GC = Connect Page

GD = Discover Page

GF = Favorites

GH = Home

GL = Lists

GM = Messages

GP = Profile

GR = Mentions

GS = Settings

GU = Go to a Profile


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