There are several ways to generate leads at little or no cost. Some methods that I presently are are below.. 1. Drip campaigns - I recommend using a marketing automation software to best manage this and target as follows Educational Re-engagement (win back cold leads) Competitive Promotional Training 2. Subject matter experts - appoint someone who is an authority in a particular

Twitter has loads of shortcuts to help you navigate Twitter like a pro. What is your favorite shortcut for Twitter? Let me know in the comments below. Actions B = Block User F = Favorite J = Next Tweet K = Previous Tweet L = Close Open Tweets M = New Direct Message N = New Tweet R = Reply T = Retweet U = Unblock User Enter

Many think of social media as a channel but every marketer should remember that each platform is very different and requires different requirements. We need to understand why they are different and how they work. Let’s look at the most popular social media channels and what should be considered. 1. Facebook The majority of businesses are on Facebook and

Ever find it hard to think of a new topic for your blog? Here is some blog topic generators to inspire some new ideas. Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator You input three nouns and five blog topic ideas will be returned. Portent’s Content Idea Generator Enter a keyword and ideas are returned.  This generator is the most fun as

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