Facebook profits from its 2 million businesses that advertise and earlier this year it launched its Ads Manager App. So launching Facebook Blueprint to train brands on best practices for marketing and advertising campaigns seems like a very smart move. It combines online learning with in-person training and certification for brands that have mastered Facebook marketing. Facebook has organised the courses

Inbound Lead generation consists of 2 components: 1.  Get plenty of traffic to lead capture form 2.  Get as many people to sign up to newsletter,eBooks, etc. 1.  Start With Your Blog Blogging will help with the following · Drive Traffic to your website · Increase your SEO/SERP · Position  our brand as industry leader · Develop better customer relationships 2.  Make Subscribe Form Visible On All WebPages · Don’t be shy about making

No company can ignore the importance of inbound marketing. Take a look below for some ways to improve your inbound marketing. Content Marketing Think about how many websites and social media channels compete for your attention daily. Your customers experience the exact same regarding your content. Your content needs to educate, inspire or entertain your audience. Your website is

Every time you publish new content, it’s a great opportunity to reach out and inform your existing audience but also gain new readers, followers or customers. A mistake that many people make is that they publish new content and expect that it will be magically promoted on facebook or twitter and gain attraction or thousands of

If you manage a Google AdWords account, and are using broad match or broad match modifier keywords, then there is the possibility that extra words can be included in your search queries. Use this FREE complete negative keyword list to block out all unwanted keywords. THE BENEFITS - Increased CTR - Better Ad Relevance - Increased Quality Scores HOW MUCH DOES IT

Chief Marketing Technology Blog just released their Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic. With a near 2,000 vendors, a number that has almost doubled from last year, how does the everyday marketer expect to navigate through the ever-growing sea of tools? Cue the lead nurturing toolkit. What are marketing toolkits? Marketers use a lot of apps. In fact, 53% of