Although market research is an essential element for ensuring the success of an enterprise, many small local businesses do not have the resources to engage a professional marketing firm. However, all is not lost because it is possible to conduct your own market research on a limited budget. Understanding the need for market research Not many small

There are several ways to generate leads at little or no cost, regardless of the industry. Increase your inbound marketing SEO Social Media Blogs Email Marketing Social CRM Landing Pages Build Leads through outbound marketing Newsletter Webinars Questionnaires – Ask for feedback/referrals List rental or purchase Digital Strategy and online reputation Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc - anything posted on social media should direct viewers back your websites

Delivering the right marketing message at the right time is crucial to being successful. The agile and waterfall approaches to project management have long been associated with IT and are now becoming more and more popular in driving marketing programs and plans. A 2013 report by Forrester Research, for example, stated, “The traditional annual planning routine is

Prospecting is hard. I can't find anyone who disagrees with that statement. Even people who are good at it freely admit that it is challenging. And if prospecting was hard before, it is even harder now. Look at some of these statistics: 90% of C-level executives say that they never respond to cold calls or email 90%

Next year is going to be about building on the foundations of 2014 and while some of the below tips are obvious they shouldn't be overlooked. Design With SEO In Mind – Designing a website that works best for user navigation and also for search engine bots also. Just remember user experience is key bu without